Welcome to HAPPIFIED…because U/MATTeR!

This is your space to choose, become, and spread happiness. We are a grassroots movement dedicated to reframing mental health through Proactive Mind Health, Whole Self-Wellbeing, and The Science of Happiness.

Our Mission:

To support you in skill-building to achieve and sustain a healthy mind and live your best life. And we aim to make it FUN!

Join Us: We invite you to come play with us.

Next Step:

Presenting The HAPPIFIED Passport

Your Gateway to Hope and Joy:

The HAPPIFIED Passport connects you to experiences, products, and services that support wellbeing and flourishing. It's designed to inspire you to protect, support, and enhance your Mind Health and experience happiness.

How It Works:

  • Explore:

    Discover information and activities curated to enhance your well being and happiness.

  • Connect:

    Access special offers from a variety of businesses related to your journey.

  • Experience:

    Use the Passport as a tool to self-direct your wellbeing journey and explore your happiness.


  • Food For Mood

  • Styling Your Happy

  • Happifying Your Space

  • Power of Music

  • Art Your Happiness

  • Me Moments

  • Team-Building

  • Do Good - Feel Good

  • Friendtastic Time

  • Fam Jam


These are just a few examples of experiences to discover. We offer something for everyone. Trending products and services are then connected to these experiences for you to explore.

We look forward to meeting you in the community. Together, let’s create a vibrant and joyful path to better Mind Health and Global Happiness.

Partnership Opportunity

Become a HAPPIFIED Ambassador.

Do you represent a product, service, or experience that you would like to promote to the HAPPIFIED Community? We invite you to reach out to chat about how we can collaborate.

Together, we will ignite YYC as the HAPPY Hub and contribute to the collective happiness of the community - one healthy mind at a time.

Interested to play a role? We've got you. Please reach out to explore further.